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MO Game Con 2024 Rules and Regulations

General Rules:
  1. Please do not damage the convention space. This includes painting or sketching on walls, slamming doors, etc. Please do not hang any flyers on any wall or other surface of the convention space.

  2. Please be ready to present your ticket, bracelet or badge at all times to any staff member who may request it.

  3. Please respect rights of way, and if you choose to stop please move to the side to allow the free flow of traffic through the walkways of the con at all times.

  4. MO Game Con and Greensfelder are not responsible for missing items. Any bag(s) or other item left unattended around the convention space will likely be picked up by either a MO Game Con staffer or another attendee and be taken to Lost and Found in MO Game Con please check with the entry and ticket team to locate your item. The item may be turned over to the police if deemed necessary.

  5. Please step off the main path to take photos. If someone asks you for a photo, please make sure you step out of the way of traffic, entrances, stairs, and escalators so that everyone else can still get by and no one gets trampled.

  6. Please don’t run, play tag, or throw things inside the convention space. Please also don’t carry a radio, iPod or other device that is playing music at a loud volume (only you should be able to hear it). Please use basic common sense.

  7. Bags/Packs/Purses are allowed in the convention space. They may be subject to search at the entry or at any time that staff may deem necessary. In the gaming and tournament area you may be asked to leave your bag at a predetermined area which shall have staff present at all times to watch over it. A name tag with contact information on your bag is never a bad idea.

  8. Please use common sense and be respectful of all staff, attendees, vendors, special guests and anyone you encounter in the Con. This is really just a good idea for everyday life.

COVID-19 Policy:

Attendee assumes all risks and accepts sole responsibility for any injury (including, but not limited to, personal injury, disability, and death), illness, damage, loss, claim, liability, or expense, of any kind, that attendee may experience or incur in connection with attending the EVENT. Attendee hereby releases, covenants not to sue, discharges, and holds harmless ASSOCIATION, its employees, agents, and representatives, of and from any such claims, including all liabilities, claims, actions, damages, costs, or expenses of any kind arising out of or relating thereto. Specifically relating to the global

COVID-19 pandemic, attendee acknowledges the highly contagious nature of COVID-19 and voluntarily assumes the risk of exposure or infection by attending the EVENT, and that such exposure or infection may result in personal injury, illness, disability, and/or death to attendee.

Attendee understands that the risk of becoming exposed to or infected by COVID-19 at the EVENT may result from the actions, omissions, or negligence of others who may attend the event or their families, colleagues, or others with whom they may have contact. Accordingly, attendee understands and agrees that this release includes any claims based on the actions, omissions, or negligence of ASSOCIATION, its employees, agents, and representatives, whether a COVID-19 infection occurs before, during, or after participation in the EVENT. In addition to all other rules and regulations relating to the attendees attendance at the EVENT, attendee agrees to comply with all

COVID-related procedures that may be implemented by ASSOCIATION and EVENT VENUE, including, but not limited to, mask-wearing and social distancing requirements and restrictions on certain activities that carry higher

COVID-related risk, in order to protect as much as possible the health and safety of all EVENT attendees.

Harassment Policy:

MO Game Con is dedicated to providing a harassment-free Convention experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, or religion. We do not tolerate harassment of convention participants in any form. Sexual language and imagery is not appropriate for any convention venue, including talks. Convention participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the convention without a refund at the discretion of the conference organizers.

Harassment includes, but is not limited to:

  • Verbal comments that reinforce social structures of domination related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, religion.

  • Explicit Sexual images in public spaces

  • Deliberate intimidation, stalking, or following

  • Harassing photography or recording

  • Sustained disruption of talks or other events

  • Inappropriate physical contact

  • Unwelcome sexual attention

  • Advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above behaviour


Participants asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately.

Exhibitors in the expo hall, sponsor or vendor booths, or similar activities are also subject to the anti-harassment policy. In particular, exhibitors should not use sexualized images, activities, or other material. If a participant engages in harassing behaviour, event organisers retain the right to take any actions to keep the event a welcoming environment for all participants. This includes warning the offender or expulsion from the conference with no refund.

Event organisers may take action to redress anything designed to, or with the clear impact of, disrupting the event or making the environment hostile for any participants.

We expect participants to follow these rules at all event venues and event-related social activities. We think people should follow these rules outside event activities too!


If someone makes you or anyone else feel unsafe or unwelcome, please report it as soon as possible. Conference staff can be identified by special badges. Harassment and other code of conduct violations reduce the value of our event for everyone. We want you to be happy at our event. People like you make our event a better place.


Cosplay is both welcomed and encouraged at MO Game Con. In order to preserve the family friendly nature of the event we have the following rules as it relates to cosplay outfits.

  1. All Attendees must have their private areas covered at all times.

  2. Material must extend at least one (1) inch above the nipple and below/to the sides of the breast, and at least one (1) inch above the pubic area and below the crotch/buttocks. This coverage must remain in place while moving/bending/posing/etc., so if your cosplay (or street clothes) rides up/down, please extend it, find a way to secure it, or wear something under it.

  3. Shirt coverings must be worn at all times. Mesh shirts are allowed if they provide the require coverage of sensitive areas. Tape over the nipples will not suffice. Capes will not be accepted in place of shirts – if you’re wearing one, please wear a shirt underneath.

  4. Shoes must be worn at all times.

  5. Photography shall be at your choice. If you do not wish to take a photo with an attendee, you may say no.

  6. If you choose to take a photo, you may not charge for that photo unless it is previously agreed to with MO Game Con Staff.

  7. We have an open recording and photo policy at the Con, however, if you feel any sort of harassment please notify Con staff as above.

  8. Cosplay shall not express hateful ideas. This is a no brainer, but all approval of costumes shall be the purview of MO Game Con staff.

  9. By Cosplaying at the event you agree to abide by all these rules at all times.

Weapons Policy:

No functional weapons are allowed at MO Game Con. Simulated or costume weapons are allowed as a part of your costume in compliance with the following guidelines.

  1. All costume weapons must conform to state and federal law.

  2. All weapons must be easily distinguishable from real weapons and must be constructed from safe, lightweight material. Approved materials are: rubber, plastic (PVC, worbla, etc.), foam, cardboard and papier-mâché.

  3. All prop firearms must be incapable of firing projectiles and have an orange cap on the barrel. Projectiles or any type of ammunition are forbidden. BB guns, paintball guns, dart guns, blow guns and water guns and their accompanying ammunition will NOT be permitted.

  4. Nerf guns are allowed, but ammunition of any kind (foam or otherwise) is prohibited. Nerf guns must have triggers zip-tied to prevent guns from firing. It will be your responsibility to insure they comply with this policy.

  5. Plastic air-soft guns are not permitted.

  6. Metal weapons of any kind are forbidden, including hammers, scissors (including “safety scissors”), screwdrivers, saws, chains, nun-chucks, brass knuckles, shields, X-Men-style claws, handcuffs and the like. No “live steel” is allowed, such as metal swords, knifes or blades of any kind. If you have any of these types of weapons with your costume, please make sure they are made out of approved materials.

  7. Small, lightweight, metal objects like Sonic Screwdrivers, Lightsaber handles and umbrellas and wooden wands a la “Harry Potter” are allowed, but must not be used as functional weapons. These items will all be subject to weapons check.

  8. Costume bows are allowed, insomuch as they are not strung and cannot shoot projectiles of any kind. All types of bows must have bowstrings removed.

  9. Costume swords/daggers made from approved materials are allowed, but may not have any sharp edges. Wooden swords are allowed, but must be tied to your costume in such a way that they cannot be drawn or unsheathed. You must zip-tie swords to their sheaths to ensure that they cannot be drawn. If you wish to draw your sword to pose for a picture, it must be made of approved materials. Metal blades are not allowed, whether they are sheathed or not.

  10. No wooden or aluminum/metal bats are permitted. This includes baseball bats, cricket bats, clubs, paddles, golf clubs and similar objects. Bats made from approved materials and wiffle ball bats are allowed.

  11. Staffs (staves), similar to those found in “Lord of the Rings,” for instance, will be allowed, insomuch as they are used for walking and/or decoration, and not as a weapon. Wooden staffs are allowed, but must be lightweight and may not have any sharpened edges or tips.

  12. Items such as bullwhips, ropes and lassos are allowed, but must remain rolled and secured at all times. These items can be subject to a weapons check.

  13. Incendiary or flammable weapons are prohibited, including any items that are capable of igniting sparks or flames, burning, exploding or combusting.

  14. Do not display your weapons or props in a threatening or menacing manner. (For instance, it’s ok to pose for a picture, but no one should brandish weapons while walking the show floor.)

  15. Keep prop weapons in convention areas. If you leave the premises or go out into public for any reason, please put away any and all prop weaponry immediately.


If you are unwilling to comply with these policies, please leave your weapons at home. Failure to willingly comply with MO Game Con’s official cosplay weapons policy may result in ejection from the convention without a refund and/or potential legal action if necessary. ***All rules and regulations are subject to change. ***


MO Game Con reserves the right to inspect all costumes and weapons on an individual basis in order to ensure that the event remains completely safe and family-friendly.  Those who violate these rules assume all responsibility in the event of injury.


Alcohol, Tobacco, and Illicit Drugs:

Alcohol is not permitted at Greensfelder, outside food and beverage are not allowed.

MO Game does not condone the consumption or use of illegal substances. Law enforcement professionals will be present and will take action as necessary.

Photography and Video Recording:

MO Game Con has no restriction on photography using hand held equipment. Our only concern is that such activities not impair the flow of foot traffic through convention spaces. You are likely to be caught on camera while at the event.

However, photography requiring dedicated floor space and/or free standing equipment to include lighting or other electronics in convention spaces must be requested and granted from the convention’s leadership in advance.

This will ensure that sufficient and safe space is available prior to any photo shoots. If sufficient space is not available, MO Game Con will suggest convention provided areas for such photographic actives if available.

Professional photography outside of convention spaces, such as the College Campus, is outside the control of MO Game Con and as such would be subject to the rules and provisions of Greensfelder itself. If there is a question with what you are doing, then you probably should not do it.

Filming Disclaimer:

By attending MO Game Con, you will be subject to the following agreement:

I, [your name] have been made aware that MO Game Con is being filmed by both Con Staff and Attendees. I automatically agree that either I will make the camera person aware if I do not wish to be filmed OR I automatically agree to be filmed and am giving permission to MO Game Con and any attendee filming, and anyone affiliated to use the footage without compensation or acknowledgement. Camera operators, either staff or attendees agree that they can be approached at any time with any questions or concerns.

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