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The MoGameCon Committee

Charles and Juli Shaw


I developed a love for gaming, mainly nintendo and Computer, by the age of 5. By the age of 16 I was working in computer assembly for Schweiss Network Solutions here in St Louis MO saving money to buy myself a playstation 1. In 1998 I joined the team at the south county Funcoland, selling Nintendo and Sega games priced off those beautiful newspaper price guides. I Decided to pursue my love of gaming by opening my store, Game Trader 2, in 2014. In 2015 I decided it was time for Missouri to have its own Game Convention, usually only seen on the east and west coast. I called the best people I could think of to help me, unfortunately the were busy. These guys decided to help instead:

Chad Hager

I have been playing games ever since I can remember. I began on the Atari and moved onto my first and favorite the NES. Ever since receiving the NES, I have played games regularly and enjoy collecting and the thrill of the hunt. Although modern games tend to take up most of my limited gaming time today, I still go back to the classics when I can. In my regular life I am employed as an attorney and use those skills to type up all that legal stuff you see on this website. I helped found MO Game Con on 2015 and have been actively involved in every step of the process since then. My role with the Con is in the vendor space and of course developing any legalese that you may see around here. My goal is to make the Con the best it can be every year.

Jason Hoeft


My dad bought an Intellivision when i was 3-4 years old and I loved watching him mess with the AI in burgertime. After that I was hooked on gaming! I've had at least one console from the past 5 generations. Currently I play on PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC. 
I've been involved with MoGameCon since November 2016. This year, I've handled graphics, website development, backoffice administration, and whatever comes up!

Jake Friedel

I grew up with a brother 5yrs older than me and have had some sort of gaming console in the house since day 1. Playing the original NES with the family was a normal activity for us growing up, so I have always associated video games with family time. Later in life I found an interest in console hardware modding and started a youtube channel focusing on those interests. I've been with MO Game Con since year one and handle guest relations along with social media updates.

The Museum Curator

Bob Friedel


The Guest Hospitality Team

Martin Hassett


Kurt Bowers


About MoGameCon

Missouri Game Con (MoGameCon) celebrates all forms of games and unites the gaming community of multiple states on July 29th, 2023.


MoGameCon 2023 will take place at "Orlando's" 4300 Hoffmeister Ave, St. Louis, MO 63125.  Hours are from 10:00am until 11:00pm. VIP tickets holders will gain early access starting at 10:00am.


MoGameCon 2023 will feature many attractions, including video game and card game tournaments, cosplay contest, arcade games on free play, and vendors featuring all levels of games and gaming merchandise.


In addition, we are thrilled to welcome celebrity guests from all fields of gaming.  From YouTube celebrities, to video game world record holders, Twitch streamers, professional cosplayers, and many more. 


Tickets and merchandise available soon through at the link above. If you have any questions, please visit the contact us section.

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